When u feel really hot but look terrible in all your selfies


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Senior ball ✌️

LOL I’m so confused. What a weird day.

I should delete this account because all my posts are gay anyways #embarassing

Lol I only ever go on tumblr if I’m bored as shit bleh

Come2 me sooon
Anonymous: at first I didnt think you were that pretty but oh my goodness, you are so pretty like idk your smile is just perfect :( and also how do you do your makeup??

LOL wtf so sweet I never go on anymore lmfao I never see these Qs I’m not that pretty lol basic but I just use gel eyeliner and eyebrow pencil

Anonymous: ♡♡♡ur gauges bby ;p

Thx :3

Anonymous: I miss you ))): -Sarah

I miss u too heohoho

Ig: icocopuffs
sideways sweg

Can we just
Live for what you believe: starbucks secret menu


i compiled all the starbucks secret drinks i could find.
feel free to order one next time you’re at starbucks. it’ll blow the barista’s mind and probably piss them off, because chances are they’ll have no fucking clue what you’re talking about. have the recipe in mind so they don’t spit in your…

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